Summertime Shine


I hope it has been a great week for everyone! It is almost summertime and I can’t wait to be outdoors either swimming running of biking. It’s my favorite time of the year because if you know anything about Texas it will get to be pretty HOT during the summer, but its worth it for the beautiful days!




My plans are to make it out to some of the natural swimming holes around Central Texas. First on my list would be Barton Springs Pool, this place is wonderful and stays around 68-70 degrees year around.





A few more spots I would like to check out are Hamilton Pool, Jacobs Well and The Green Belt.

These are natural swimming holes and some are free to the public while others you may have to pay an entrance fee. For more information about these great Texas swimming holes click on the link above and check out the website that talked for about different location.

I hope to spend more time outdoor shooting photography and capturing the beautiful Texas sun. There is not other place I would rather be than in my home state enjoying the hot summer days with friends and family.


I hope you get motivated to spend sometime outside and with people who bring out the best in you.





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